Every company have their own product and specialise in specific services. These companies want to achieve their goals by focusing on their core business product or services. Some companies have limited resources to fulfil their operations. Then there could be a challenge for these kinds of companies to maintaining operations unit for non-focused services similar handling their website maintenance, internet marketing, seo, data entry, data processing works. Because to handle such services they required a separate management unit of specialised professionals that may impact in focusing them on their core business services.

So to focused on core product or services these companies hire other agency for a non cores or supportive services so they can save their budget & time investing. This process of hiring an agency is known as outsourcing where they signed a NDA to maintenance privacy for their sensitive information. It's a wining solution for both companies but there could be some challenges if you are not dealing with right agency.

During outsourcing your services, you may face following challenges :

1. Is this safe to share intellectual property to other agency?
This is a big risk to share their business process data to an unknown agency, but absolutely it's safe to share office data with Brajweb Technologies because we understood sensitiveness of information so we signed an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with the agency. After signed an NDA we are legally bound to maintaining your content primary.

2. Hard to find great resources.
There is a big challenge to every company during outsourcing your services to other unknown agency. To test ability of agency you can ask for a sample work. that will help in taken decision to go ahead in deals.